In the previous class we mentioned that we can do certain things in order to increase the output of energy in our Human Machine, which we can use for the work on ourselves. Returning now to the Transmutation of the Hydrogen SI-12, lets look at the different ways the Human Machine manages the sexual energy. Transmutation and the Human Machine “Completed transmutation, that is to say, the formation of the ‘astral body’, is possible only in a healthy, normally functioning organism. In a sick, or a perverted, or a crippled organism, no transmutation is possible.” -Paraphrase from Ch.12 of In Search of the Miraculous ThisRead More →

We explained that in order to create the Superior Bodies (the Solar Astral, Mental and Causal Bodies), that we have to use the sexual energy (the creative energy of God in us) which is esoterically called Hydrogen SI-12 in Gnosis. Now we are going to explain how the Human Machine develops the Hydrogen SI-12 within our organism (which is related to the Law of Octaves) and how to take advantage of working of the Human Machine in order to extract more energy from it. Energy and Doing In the previous class we mentioned that “Magic is Doing” and that right now we are unable ‘toRead More →

Lets continue our study of the three triangles of every Authentic Man and how the third triangle (the Magic Triangle) relates to our Spiritual Ascention. We are Called to Create Ourselves The Synthesis of the Great Work is to utilize the 3 Primary Forces within ourselves, through the application of the Philosophy of the Verb in order TRANSFORM ourselves. In Levi’s Preliminary Discourse (p. 91) to his famous Dogma and Ritual of High Magic, he says: “God created humanity; but, in humanity, each individual is called to create themselves…” And Samael Aun Weor says: “…if we wish to create our interior Universe, we must createRead More →

Continuing our study of Gnostic Kabalah and the ray of creation, lets look at the same principles and laws that we have already studied within the human being. For us, as human beings, it is very important to recognize our Center of Gravity. Normally where is our Center of Gravity? The Moon and our Center of Gravity “We have a very mechanical life, we have habits which we repeat incessantly; and our habits are the same as always, they never change: we woke up at such as such an hour, we eat certain foods, go to sleep at a certain hour; the path we takeRead More →

Returning now to our study of the ray of creation, lets look at what happens as the ray starts its ascent… The Beginning of the Ascending Ray As the Ray of Creation descends to the Abyss, it ends as an atom in the “Chaos”. This is where each spark of divinity (each Essence) from the Absolute begins its ascending path. As it ascends, it passes through the Mineral, Plant and Animal kingdoms before finally entering the Humanoid Kingdom. Then, we are given 108 lifetimes as a human to either continue the ascension or return to the Abyss. If we do not choose to ascend, thenRead More →

We will be discussing two things, in this class: • The Language of Symbolism (or Kabalah: the Science of Signs) • And Free-Will (or the Reconciliation of Liberty and Necessity) The Science of the Kabalah “The High Science includes two things: 1. speech or the verb, 2. and the works which are the final form, or the complement of the verb. The High Science thus has two fields: 1. the science of speech which is related to the science of signs and of their initiatic correspondence: 2. and the secret of the works (the complement of the verb) which is related to the science ofRead More →

In this class we will cover a few main topics in order to wrap up the Ray of Creation in Descent: • Fundamental and Subordinate Octaves • Octaves inside of Notes (‘Inner Vibrations’) • The inter-relation of substance/matter of the worlds with each other • The Lateral Octave and Organic Life on Earth • How the 12 Categories of Matter or 12 basic Hydrogens are created Fundamental and Subordinate Octaves in Vibrational Movement “In the study of the law of octaves it must be remembered that octaves (in their relation to each other) are divided into fundamental (or primary) and subordinate. The fundamental octave isRead More →

“We are the authors of our own destiny, and God does not save us without our help…” -From Ch. 20 of Dogma and Ritual of High Magic by Eliphas Levi God Created Man in and of Himself. Now Man must create God from and in himself. This is what we are learning: the science of self-realization. First we have to understand how God created us, then we will know how to create God in ourselves. For the past 2 classes we have discussed • the Law of Three (the Three Primary Forces of the Verb) • and the Law of Seven (the Musical Scale ofRead More →

“The binary in God only exists through the ternary. If you conceive of the absolute as two, you must immediately conceive of it as three, in order to recover the unitary principle.” -Paraphrase from Ch.2 of Dogma and Ritual of High Magic by Eliphas Levi The Human Being and the Universe “It is impossible to study a system of the universe without studying ourselves. At the same time it is impossible to study ourselves without studying the universe. The Human Being is an image of the world. We were created by the same laws which created the whole world. By knowing and understanding ourselves weRead More →

“All movement is co-essential with sound. Whenever there exists movement, sound exists… All that which is in movement sounds: And the Logos sounds!” -From Ch.2 of Logos Mantram Theurgy Gnosis and Esoteric Knowledge Gnosis is a Greek word which implies knowledge and wisdom. In our teaching, we use it to describe the Esoteric or Hidden Wisdom which is found in all Authentic Religions. One of the core principles of Gnosis is that all religions teach the same thing. Understand that what we mean by this is that all religions teach fundamentally the same principles. These Religious Principles are also called “Eternal Values” and they areRead More →

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